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Vape Fair Indonesia Exhibition 2019

by Nevoks Official 15 Dec 2022 0 Comments

Vape Fair Indonesia 2019 is the biggest vape event in Southeast Asia. A large number of local and international parties support this event. And this fair invites tens of thousands visitors, thus becoming a milestone for vape industry growth in Southeast Asia.

Nevoks also brought  Lusty aio kit and Nimo disposable pod to attend this event. Most testers are satisfied with our Lusty aio kit about flavor, special design and attracted by the mouthpiece design and touch feeling of the pod. Thus, they are also pretty confident with the future of this product and Nevoks brand in Indonesia.

The quantity of visitors in this year is increasing quickly than before in Indonesia Exhibition. Visitors tell us that along with better economic growth and legalization of e-cigarettes, pod will become more and more dominated in Indonesia, although this ratio is 7:3 at present.

In face of challenge and opportunities,  Nevoks  will still move ahead with willing to developing  products with high quality and great user experience.

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